Baon for Busy Bees!

Baon for Busy Bees!
Baon for Busy Bees!

Life as a working adult can be a bit overwhelming - juggling work, fitness, health, social life, household chores, and errands. Aba, how much more if you’re a parent? The struggle is real!


As a working parent, important sa atin and one of the biggest challenges is to prepare a healthy meal for our kids everyday. Yung tipong swak sa budget, madaling ihanda, at healthy na masarap ulit ulitin.


That’s why your wish is our command! In this week's Kitchinspiring Meal Plan, perfect na perfect ang mga recipes na ito para gawing baon for you and your family.


From ulam, pasta, at dessert, marami kang options na pagpipilian!



So, anong ulam mo for today?


Click each recipe to learn more:


Day 1

Authentic Pinoy Chicken Curry            


Day 2

Longganisa Rice            


Day 3

Sweet and Sour Calamares


Day 4

Beans Guisado        


Day 5

Pasta Carbonara         


Day 6

Tanigue Steak with Pineapple Sauce and Tropical Salsa            


Day 7

QNE Ham and Cheese Pizza            


Day 8

Juicy Tamis Piña Fishtek


Day 9

Easy Tomato Asado   


Day 10

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta            


Day 11

Choco Cheese Bites   


Day 12

Juicy Tamis Piñaginiling     


Day 13

Beef Taco      


Day 14

Lemon Chicken          


Happy eating!