Load Up on Veggies

Load Up on Veggies
Load Up on Veggies

It’s still Nutrition Month! So we’ve bean thinking about what healthy dishes to prepare this week… And because we carrot about you, we have new colorful and creative veggie recipes to introduce to you! Perfect na perfect ito para sa mga parents who find it challenging to cook for kids.


But for this week’s Kitchinspiring Meal Plan, get ready to pass by the fresh section because we have some creative dishes you can experiment with! 


Almost every parent can relate na ang isa sa biggest challenges ay ang mapakain ng gulay ang kanilang mga tsikiting, kaya naman ang mga healthy veggie recipes na ito ay talagang easy-to-cook and also very appetizing!


Pwede rin ito para sa mga busy yuppies who are looking to make their daily meals fun and nutritious. Try niyo na pambaon sa work o di kaya quick meal on a weekend.


Hearty meals don't have to be a production! Check out this week’s meal plan. 


Click each recipe to learn more:


Day 1

Mushroom and Pasta Soup


Day 2

Adobong Gulay at Karne


Day 3

Vegetable Pastel


Day 4

QNE Menudo


Day 5

Macaroni and Tuna Casserole


Day 6

Shrimp Sotanghon


Day 7

Chicken & Veggie Spaghetti

Lettuce celebrate!