Adobo sa Gata Paella Recipe

Three favorites in one dish! What's not to like?

Categories Rice, Chicken, Del Monte Quick 'n Easy
Preparation Time15 min.
Cooking Time1 hr. and 32 mins.
Number of Servings 4


    • 1 Tbsp atsuete seeds
    • 2 Tbsp oil
    • 250 g chicken, thigh fillet
    • 1/2 tsp salt
    • 1/4 tsp pepper, black
    • 1 pc chorizo pamplona, sliced into 1/4-inch thick diagonally
    • 1/4 cup onion, chopped
    • 1 Tbsp garlic, minced
    • 2 tsp ginger, minced
    • 1 cup rice, long grain, washed
    • - salt, to taste
    • 2 Tbsp vinegar
    • 2 packs DEL MONTE Quick 'n Easy Gata Mix (40g), dissolved in 2 1/2 cups water
    • 1 Tbsp bell pepper, red, cut into strips
    • 1 Tbsp green peas
    • 1 pc egg (optional), hard boiled then sliced

Cooking Tools Needed

    • Chopping Board
    • Measuring Spoon
    • Measuring Cups
    • Spatula

Cooking Skills Needed

    • Simmering
    • Frying
    • Slicing
    • Sautéing


1. Heat oil then add the atsuete seeds. When the oil starts to bubble and the oil turns yellow orange, turn off the heat and allow the atsuete to steep for 10 minutes. Drain. Reserve oil.
2. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. In a small paellera pan or frying pan, pour atsuete oil. Fry the chorizo and the seasoned chicken until slightly brown, remove and set aside.
3. In the same pan, sauté onion, garlic and ginger. When aromatic, add rice and sauté until the rice is coated well with oil and slightly toasted. Season with salt, add vinegar and simmer until slightly dry.
4. Stir in the DEL MONTE Quick n Easy Gata mixture and boil uncovered. Once boiling, cover and simmer for 15 minutes.
5. Remove cover and add the chicken pieces, chorizo, bell pepper, and green peas and simmer covered for 30 - 45 minutes. Garnish with boiled egg, if desired.

Lusog Notes

This dish is a source of iron needed for making red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body and niacin that promotes normal digestion and healthy skin.

Chef's Tip

It is important to toast the rice in oil before adding the liquids. Toasting cooks the starches on the surface of the grains which keeps the paella from getting mushy.


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