Grilled BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Rice Burrito Recipe

Here’s a roadtrip ready snack from Chef JP Anglo

Categories Main Dish, Chicken, Del Monte Quick 'n Easy
Preparation Time15 min
Cooking Time30 mins
Number of Servings 4


Cooking Tools Needed

    • Can Opener
    • Chopping Board
    • Grill Pan
    • Knife
    • Measuring Cups
    • Measuring Spoon
    • Pot
    • Rubber Spatula
    • Scissor
    • Tongs
    • Wok

Cooking Skills Needed

    • Chopping
    • Grilling
    • Sautéing
    • Simmering


1. In a pot, add a bit of Contadina Pure Olive Oil then sauté onion and lemongrass then add the chicken skin side down.
2. Add DEL MONTE Quick n Easy BBQ Marinade and water, cover and wait for it to boil. .
3. Remove chicken from the pot, then add slurry into the sauce .
4. Grease grill pan with Contadina Pure Olive Oil and pan-grill chicken then set aside.
5. In a separate grill pan, heat Contadina Pure Olive Oil then grill the vegetables. Once charred, set it aside.
6. For the Pininyahan Rice: Sauté garlic in Contadina Pure Olive Oil in a wok until golden brown then season with salt.
7. Add cooked rice, season with pepper then add DEL MONTE Crushed Pineapple. Mix until well incorporated.
8. Slice grilled chicken and vegetables.
9. Get 1 piece of tortilla. Place 1/2 cup of rice, 3 pieces of chicken, grilled bell peppers, onion, cheese, and bacon. Add some sauce. Tuck both sides then roll forward to make a tight roll.
10. Heat burrito in a pan or grill pan over medium-high heat to slightly crisp tortilla. Wrap with wax paper. Serve with the remaining marinade for the sauce.


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