Boost Productivity With The Right Food Choices

Boost Productivity With The Right Food Choices
Boost Productivity With The Right Food Choices

How many times have you heard the cliche, “you are what you eat”? You may find it puzzling, but there is actually some truth in this saying. The human body is an energy system that needs fuel to work – and yes, with fuel, we’re talking about food.

There are particular food and ingredients that can boost productivity and improve your performance, as well as energize your brain. Kavit from suggests some food that you may want to add to your grocery cart:


After a big meal, avocados can keep you from feeling bloated, thus keeping you awake and energized. These can be eaten on its own, as a salad or fruit shake.

This food can help increase energy levels. What’s more, they are high in antioxidants and low in calories and fats.

According to NutritionMD, these tasty snacks are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that can help keep you focused, and let you think more clearly. They are also a great source of protein.

Whether you like your chocolate dark or milk-laden, munching on a bar when you feel like your energy is dwindling can give you an instant boost. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that promotes the production of endorphins, and enhance focus and concentration. Meanwhile, milk chocolate helps improve visual and verbal memory, and quickens reaction time.

Natural Fruit Juices
Fruit juices are packed with vitamins that are essential in energy production. Choose those without any added sugar, so as to avoid the dreaded (and counter-productive) sugar crash. Try any of the refreshing variants of Del Monte Juice Drinks like Pineapple-Orange or Four Seasons.


The food in this list are some of those that you can easily find in the local grocery or convenience store. When you find yourself losing motivation at work for no reason, try snacking on some of these and see how they help.



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