Kitchenomics Bundle: Garlic Longganisa Patties (OrigTomSauce200g+Vinegar490ml+HeartSmartOrange240ml)


Del Monte Kitchenomics Recipe Bundle: Garlic Longganisa Patties

(Original Style Tomato Sauce 200g + Red Cane Vinegar 490ml + Heart Smart Orange 240ml)

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Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce is made with 100% real tomatoes blended with the choicest ingredients to create that rich, flavorful tomato note that serves as the perfect base for the family's favorite recipes.

Explore the natural goodness of Del Monte Red Cane Vinegar for cooking, dressings and dips. Made from 100% cane vinegar, it is guaranteed to have no preservatives and no artificial chemicals.

Drink to better heart health with Del Monte Heart Smart, the deliciously refreshing way to take care of your heart. With USFDA approved Reducol, Del Monte Heart Smart will help lower your cholesterol in 8 weeks just by drinking it twice a day.

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